The YouMail Robocall Index™ estimates monthly robocall volume in the US, as well as in various regions, and highlights the worst offenders. The index works by extrapolating the data collected from the many tens of millions of calls made each month to YouMail users.

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April 2018 Nationwide Robocall Data

3.4 billion robocalls were placed nationwide in April 2018,equaling roughly 10.4 calls per person affected.

Top 20 Robocallers Nationwide in April 2018 (by volume)

Updated 5/1/2018

Robocaller Est. National Calls Place of Origin Suspected Type of Call
800-955-6600 37,777,800 Toll Free Payments/Debt
980-242-3698 22,307,100 Charlotte, NC Health Insurance Spam Call
773-273-6136 21,106,300 Chicago, IL Health Insurance Spam Call
973-854-0915 14,144,700 Jersey City, NJ Real Estate Telemarketing
877-647-8552 13,961,100 Toll Free Payments/Debt
517-219-1107 13,521,400 Lansing, MI Financial Lender
888-222-4227 11,590,900 Toll Free Payments/Debt
800-266-2278 11,210,600 Toll Free Cable Company Debt Collection
954-369-4797 11,178,000 Miami, FL Financial Lender
703-348-6954 10,356,400 Arlington, VA Health Insurance Spam Call
800-942-3767 9,071,900 Toll Free Job Availability Call
844-349-6207 8,540,100 Toll Free Retail Debt Collection
800-947-5096 7,778,000 Toll Free Phone Company
844-213-7851 6,966,300 Toll Free Health Insurance Spam Call
866-652-3145 6,632,900 Toll Free Credit Card Debt Collection
866-408-4070 6,085,300 Toll Free Bank Debt Collection
800-292-7508 5,851,800 Toll Free Financial Services
800-816-5569 5,610,800 Toll Free Payments/Debt
800-875-5164 5,562,500 Toll Free Bank Debt Collection
800-289-8004 5,520,900 Toll Free Bank Debt Collection

Top 20 Affected Area Codes Nationwide in April 2018 (by volume)

Updated 5/1/2018

Area Code City State Est. Calls Received % Change MOM
404 Atlanta GA 67,417,400 6
832 Houston TX 49,339,300 2
214 Dallas TX 48,983,200 2
678 Atlanta GA 45,378,500 9
954 Miami FL 40,758,700 11
917 New York NY 39,428,400 7
310 Los Angeles CA 37,226,100 9
773 Chicago IL 35,841,600 9
817 Dallas TX 34,073,200 8
347 New York NY 32,790,800 -6
205 Birmingham AL 31,533,200 4
770 Atlanta GA 30,559,500 6
901 Memphis TN 29,739,500 7
704 Charlotte NC 29,362,900 12
702 Las Vegas NV 28,961,000 8
407 Orlando FL 28,730,600 4
305 Miami FL 28,511,300 6
225 Baton Rouge LA 27,953,200 1
713 Houston TX 26,553,000 8
281 Houston TX 26,164,800 8

City Breakdown

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Every Telecom Service Can Now Stop Robocalls

The same API YouMail uses to reliably identify and block robocalls is now available to protect everyone. It's just one simple API call to determine whether a caller is a problem.
Single String to YouMail's server
Telco Sends a Number Calling in:
curl ''
Virtually instantaneous response to telco company letting them know if the caller has been identified as a robo/spam, allowing the telco to block the call before the recipient is bothered.
YouMail Responds Instantly with Spam/Robo Flag:
{"statusCode":10000,"recordFound":true,"phoneNumber:"9991002000","spamRisk":{"level":1,"reasonLabel":"SPAM_OTHER","reasonCode":5999,"reasonMessage":"This caller has been determined to be a spammer."},"timestamp":"2016-10-05T00:55:50.526Z"}
A simple API call allows anyone to determine if a number is definitely spam, likely spam, or not spam. The results are drawn directly from our intelligent algorithms that combine call patterns and crowdsourced spam data.
Nearly 15 billion robocalls were made in the U.S. during the first half of 2017, according to YouMail, which provides anti-robocall services.
If it seems like you're getting more robocalls than ever, experts say you're right. But the people who are calling are not telemarketers.
For all the fancy technology of smartphones, robocalls remain a nearly unstoppable problem.
Robocalling soars despite 'Do Not Call' registry, as scammers 'couldn't care less' about bothering consumers.